Episode 11: On Advocacy and Revolutions: In Conversation with Matthew Zachary

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Welcome to the latest episode of Supportive Care MattersJoin Medical Oncologist Professor Bogda Koczwara AM and advocate Matthew Zachary, cancer survivor, founder of Stupid Cancer and the creative force behind the documentary Cancer Mavericks.

Matthew shares the profound journeys of pioneers who transformed cancer survivorship from the 1960s to the present day. From exhaustive research to heartwarming interviews, discover the intricate process of honouring those who fought tirelessly to improve the lives of cancer patients and survivors.

This episode traces the evolution of cancer survivorship, from the early days of merely surviving to today’s focus on enhancing life quality. Explore advancements in genomics, the importance of consumer protection and the nuanced approaches required for effective cancer prevention and treatment.

As we navigate through the personal and socio-economic implications of cancer survivorship, we offer crucial advice for newly diagnosed patients and those just completing treatment. Uncover strategies for overcoming the bureaucratic challenges of healthcare systems and the necessity for mutual empathy between patients and providers.

As we conclude, we discuss the need for another revolution in society’s attitude toward cancer survivors, underscoring the vital role of community support – and the new role of consumer advocacy – in making the cancer experience a little less daunting for others.

This conversation is produced by The Oncology Network.


Bogda Koczwara AM

Professor Bogda Koczwara AM

Professor Bogda Koczwara AM is a medical oncologist and a senior staff specialist at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer in Adelaide, Australia.

Professor Koczwara completed her oncology training at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, USA, and received a Master in Bioethics degree from Monash University, Australia.

Her clinical interests revolve around management of breast cancer, cancer survivorship, psycho-oncology and supportive care as well as health services development, integration with primary care and cancer education for health care professionals.

Connect with Bogda on Twitter: @bogda_koczwara


Matthew Zachary

Matthew Zachary

A 28-year brain cancer survivor, Matthew Zachary is an American advocate passionate about putting the patient at the centre of every conversation, with a storied career spanning entertainment, advertising, marketing, non-profit, digital health, public policy, life sciences, and broadcast media.

As Founder of the award-winning non-profit Stupid Cancer, Matthew started the young adult cancer movement in 2007, where he hosted and produced ‘The Stupid Cancer Show,’ America’s first healthcare talk radio show (before podcasts existed.)

Between his award-winning documentary, The Cancer Mavericks: A History of Survivorship, and his Top-10 award-winning podcast Out of Patients, Matthew—whom some dub ‘The Podfather of Healthcare’—is one of the country’s most visionary voices and influential talents.

Matthew is currently principal at Matthew Zachary Worldwide, a multifaceted organisation encompassing a media production company, a digital health platform, a talent agency, and a consulting group serving the life science and non-profit sectors. He lives with his wife and twins in Brooklyn.

Connect with Matthew on Twitter: @MatthewZachary and his website: matthewzachary.com

Connect with The Oncology Network on Twitter: @OncologyNewsAus


The Cancer Mavericks: A History of Survivorship


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