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The Oncology Podcast chat to a wide range of experts in many specialties about their goals, personal motivations and reasons for working in the oncology field.

Experts On Point

Salt Flat Pigments: A New Era of Breast Cancer Biomedicines?

In today’s episode, we are transported to Spain to delve into the fascinating world of haloarchaeal carotenoids.

Could ancient salt-loving microbes found only in salt flats herald a new kind of biomedicine? Could their sun-protective antioxidative reactions be harnessed in the development of new treatment options for hard-to-treat cancers like triple-negative breast cancer? 

Experts On Point

Raising Awareness of Oral Cancers

How common are oral cancers? Why is early detection important? Do GPs and Dentists have enough awareness of these cancers?
Our Host Rachael Babin discusses these issues with surgeon Professor David Wiesenfeld from Melbourne, Australia.

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