Designing better care through innovation


About GenesisCare

GenesisCare is the largest provider of cancer care in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain, and is the leading provider of cardiovascular and sleep treatment throughout Australia.

We consist of 5,500 highly trained healthcare professionals and support staff across Australia, the U.K., Spain and the United States, designing innovative treatments and care for people with cancer and heart disease.

We provide radiation therapy for more people globally than any other care provider. Across our network, we see more than 400,000 people at more than 440 locations.

Our company was founded by CEO Dan Collins, who after supporting his father through a terminal illness and seeing the care process up close, wanted to design and deliver care in a more personal way. Along with a small group of doctors, Dan led GenesisCare from a single cardiology clinic in Brisbane in 2005, to become a global care leader with more than 440 centres.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to design care experiences that get the best possible life outcomes. To give high-quality, tailored care that’s available where and when patients need it.

Everything we do is designed in partnership throughout the entire care process. That means working with everyone from our clinicians to our technicians, from our internal teams to patients, because by working together, we stand a better chance of getting more complete health outcomes for every patient.

Our Values

  • Empathy for all – understanding the needs, emotions and ambitions of our patients and each other;
  • Innovation every day – contributing insightful, innovative ideas, both big and small;
  • Partnership inside and out – working as one to achieve more, both inside and outside of GenesisCare;
  • Bravery to have a go – daring to make ideas happen, to making the impossible a reality; and
  • Integrity always – doing the right think for our patients, our partners and each other.


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