Episode 5: A Perfect Match – Supportive Care in Cardio-Oncology

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Welcome to the fifth episode of Supportive Care Matters, a podcast Hosted by Medical Oncologist Professor Bogda Koczwara AM from Adelaide, Australia.

Bogda is chatting to Professor Doan Ngo and Professor Aaron Sverdlov, a married couple who have successfully collaborated on cardio-oncology research.

Together they founded the first-in-Australia bench-to-bedside “Cancer and the Heart” cardio-oncology program combining basic and clinical research into cancer therapy-related cardiotoxicity with Calvary Mater Newcastle Hospital-based clinical outpatient service.

This conversation is supported by Canteen’s Youth Cancer Services, providing specialist treatment and support for young people with cancer aged 15-25 in hospitals throughout Australia.

This series is proudly produced by The Oncology Network.


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Bogda Koczwara AM

Professor Bogda Koczwara AM

Professor Bogda Koczwara AM is a medical oncologist and a senior staff specialist at the Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer in Adelaide, Australia.

Professor Koczwara completed her oncology training at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, USA, and received a Master in Bioethics degree from Monash University, Australia.

Her clinical interests revolve around management of breast cancer, cancer survivorship, psycho-oncology and supportive care as well as health services development, integration with primary care and cancer education for health care professionals.

Connect with Bogda on Twitter: @bogda_koczwara


Doan Ngo

Professor Doan Ngo

Professor Doan Ngo is an academic pharmacist and a successful basic and translational scientist with multiple important contributions in the cardio-oncology and cardio-metabolic field. She is the co-director of the Newcastle Centre of Excellence in Cardio-Oncology research program.

Connect with Doan on LinkedIn here.

Aaron Sverdlov

Professor Aaron Sverdlov

Professor Aaron Sverdlov is a cardiologist and clinician-scientist with proven track record in basic through to clinical research. His research interests encompass a broad spectrum of topics related to heart failure and cardio-oncology (cardiovascular complications of cancer therapies).

Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn here.

Connect with The Oncology Network on Twitter: @OncologyNewsAus


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