Your bra could kill you – and other breast cancer myths busted

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woman wearing bra_cancer research news_800x500By Naomi Elster – The Guardian.

Rumours around the causes of breast cancer persist – but the evidence for these claims doesn’t always stack up

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be frightening, and many of the known risk factors – genetics, ageing, being a woman – are beyond our control. That is why myths are attractive. They sell us the idea that there is something simple we can do to protect ourselves from cancer. We look at three of the most common myths.

Your bra could be killing you

The idea that wearing an underwired bra can cause breast cancer has been around since 1995, when Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer published their book Dressed to Kill, which claimed there was a link. The idea was revived last year when a practitioner of alternative medicine wrote an essay on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, Goop. What these people have in common is that none of them is a cancer researcher or medical doctor… read the full story.


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