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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) welcomes Labor’s commitment to invest in radiology, announced in tonight’s Budget Reply.

RANZCR President, Dr Lance Lawler, said that tonight’s announcement was a much needed investment in radiology.

“I particularly welcome this recognition that imaging is a critical part of our health system and the modern delivery of care,” Dr Lawler said.

“As was uncovered in the recent Senate Inquiry, there are real problems for patients being able to access MRI services.

“Patients, in particular cancer patients, are facing high out-of-pocket costs, experiencing delays while waiting for access or skipping tests altogether at the expense of their health.

“MRI services remain severely underutilised in Australia compared to comparable countries. This is due to restrictive funding from successive governments and complex Medicare eligibility rules.

“MRI is a highly accurate imaging tool and is particularly useful for radiologists to analyse the nervous system, brain and other soft tissues.

“I congratulate Labor on this investment and look forward to further discussions with them about supporting access to quality radiology services.  The Government delivered a disappointing budget for radiology patients on Tuesday.  RANZCR calls on the Government to actively engage with the sector on funding.

“Patients are crying out for better access to MRI services, and I welcome this important step in the right direction.”

Source: RANZCR


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