Weight linked to advanced prostate cancer for first time

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Prostate oncologynewsThe World Cancer Research Fund International has launched a new report which has found strong evidence that being overweight or obese increases the risk of advanced prostate cancer.

The report, published as part of the World Cancer Research Fund’s Continuous Update Project – the ongoing programme to analyse global research on how diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight affect cancer risk and survival – analysed worldwide research to find out which factors increase or decrease the risk of developing the disease.

The review of 104 studies from around the world also found strong evidence that developmental factors in the womb, childhood, and adolescence that influence growth are linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer – for example, the taller a man is, the greater his risk of prostate cancer, and that consuming beta-carotene (either through food or supplements) is unlikely to have a substantial effect on the risk of prostate cancer.

The independent panel of leading international scientists that assessed the research have recommended that men should maintain a healthy weight in order to reduce the risk of developing advanced prostate cancer.

Read the full report here.


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