Web-based decision aid may help with breast reconstruction decisions following mastectomy

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A new Psycho-Oncology study indicates that a free web-based decision aid that helps women with breast cancer make decisions regarding reconstruction surgery after mastectomy is likely cost-effective.

The Australian study included 106 who accessed BRECONDA (Breast Reconstruction Decision Aid) for six months and received usual care and 116 women who received usual care only.

BRECONDA resulted in significantly less decisional conflict and greater satisfaction with information over time. Quality adjusted life years did not differ between participants who received the decision aid compared with usual care. The cost of BRECONDA was estimated to be small ($10 AUD) relative to other healthcare interventions, and resulted in decreased healthcare costs overall ($764 AUD).

“BRECONDA provides women considering breast reconstruction with much needed support in this important decision making. This public resource gives comprehensive and reliable information and helps women navigate the maze of breast reconstruction options,” said co-author Professor Kerry Sherman, of Macquarie University.

Source: Psycho-Oncology (2018). DOI: 10.1002/pon.4698


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