What is Adaptive Therapy? ANZadapt Trial with Craig Gedye

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What is adaptive therapy? How has evolutionary game theory inspired a new approach to prostate cancer treatment? How can non-disruptive creation mitigate administrative pitfalls in clinical research?

In today’s episode, our Host Rachael Babin chats to Associate Professor Craig Gedye about the radical new ANZadapt trial for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer.

This is a fascinating, informative and passionate episode of Experts on Point, brought to you by The Oncology Podcast. We hope you enjoy listening.

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ANZadapt Trial sites:

  • Genesis Care North Shore
  • Eastern Health Box Hill
  • Mater Hospital Brisbane
  • Fiona Stanley Hospital
  • Border Medical Oncology
  • Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
  • Sunshine coast University Hospital
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital
  • Macarthur Cancer Therapy Centre – Campbelltown Hospital
  • Cancer Care St George Hospital
  • Calvary Mater Newcastle

This Week’s Team:

Associate Professor Craig Gedye

Craig Gedye

Craig Gedye is a physician/scientist, dual trained as a medical oncologist and as a basic science cancer researcher. He is inspired by working for patients with melanoma, brain, prostate, bladder and kidney cancers at the Calvary Mater Newcastle. He undertakes clinical, translational and basic cancer research at the University of Newcastle/HMRI which is supported by the Hunter Cancer Research Alliance.

His research focuses on complexity in cancer, with a particular interest in understanding “intratumoural heterogeneity”. In every patient, every cancer cell is a bit different to every other cancer cell. Some cancer cells seem to be able to spread and cause trouble; others are less aggressive. What determines these differences? Can we exploit them to target cancer cells that are behaving differently?

Connect with Craig on Twitter here: @DrCraigGedye 

Rachael Babin

Rachael Babin

Rachael Babin is Host of The Oncology Podcast, Editor-in-Chief of The Oncology Newsletter,  and Publisher of Oncology News Australia and The Oncology Network.

With a background in oncology communications and academic publishing, Rachael is happiest sitting behind the mic chatting to interesting people about the impact their work makes in oncology.

Connect with us on Twitter here: @OncologyNewsAus


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