Treatment for prostate cancer robs 100,000 Australian men of sex life

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sex_oncology news australiaBy Jill Margo – AFR.

Almost 100,000 Australian men are living with little or no sex life as a result of the side effects of treatment for prostate cancer.

Cancer Council NSW says an additional 40,000 with the disease have erectile dysfunction. These men were either not having sex before treatment or stopped afterwards because of other factors, such as age.

David Smith, associate professor and epidemiologist at the Cancer Council, says for the first time there is enough information from Australian prostate cancer data to model the extent of erectile dysfunction.

While treatment for prostate cancer always affects potency one way or another, Smith says the data shows 50 per cent of men who enter treatment potent will exit impotent.

Impotence means having insufficient rigidity for penetration and he notes this is always subject to personal differences and preferences.

The Cancer Council has been working with researchers from Sydney University to create the website Rekindle, to give cancer survivors strategies for increasing their sexual rehabilitation and achieving more satisfaction in bed, Smith says.

He particularly encourages survivors of prostate cancer to use it…read the full article.


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