The tattoos that turn breast cancer surgery scars into works of art

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mastectomy tattooBy Joanna Moorhead – The Guardian.

After mastectomy operations, some women are choosing to reclaim their bodies with beautiful and intricate designs.

You don’t expect, when you’re diagnosed with breast cancer, that it will be your introduction to the world of tattoos – but for many of us who have the disease, that’s what happens. I have two tiny tattoos on my left breast to mark where the radiotherapy beam had to be directed during treatment last year; today, they serve as a memento of a tough time.

But, for some women who have mastectomies, tattoos figure much larger, and are much more important – not so much in their treatment as in their recovery. This week a tattoo artist from Darwin in Australia posted pictures of a client who, having had a double mastectomy and reconstruction, had her new breasts completely covered in flower imagery, transforming her scars into an artwork. In less than 24 hours, the picture had been shared 14,000 times…read more.

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