The State of Cancer in New Zealand 2020

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The New Zealand Cancer Control Agency, led by Professor Diana Safarti, has published its first ‘The State of Cancer in New Zealand 2020’ report.

The report provides a detailed snapshot of New Zealand’s progress in relation to cancer. It is the first stage in the ongoing critical analysis by Te Aho o Te Kahu of our cancer care system.

The reports preface notes that “while it is difficult to do full justice to the multi-faceted system of cancer prevention and care in Aotearoa, we have aimed to provide a clear and concise narrative of the current situation.

“We recognise there are layers of detail underpinning every aspect of this report that would be impossible to cover in a single document.

“Yet this first ‘state of’ report is significant for a range of reasons. It is the first time that data on cancer in Aotearoa has been gathered and reviewed in one place, and it represents the first stage in what will become an ongoing critical analysis of our country’s cancer care system.”

We intend to use it as a stepping stone to develop a comprehensive monitoring system that will help improve cancer care for all New Zealanders.

To learn more, access the report here.

Diana Safarti talked to us recently about her work on disparity in the Pacific region for the Oncology Journal Club podcast. You can listen here.

Source: New Zealand Cancer Control Agency



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