The signs of male breast cancer

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Source: SMH – Amy Corderoy. Prof Ian Olver. Photo: Sylvia Liber.

The news this morning that former NSW premier Nick Greiner had cancer was shocking.

But many people, especially men, would have been even more surprised by the type – breast cancer.

“With someone prominent like Nick Greiner coming out, a lot of men are going to discover for the first time that they can get breast cancer,” says Cancer Council chief executive officer Ian Olver.

The signs, and treatments, are the same for men as they are for women, Professor Olver says, although exposure to radiotherapy on the chest or increased oestrogen levels will increase a man’s risk.

“You need to know what your body is like, and if there’s any change in your breast or any nipple discharge, do something straight away because it could be breast cancer,” he said.

Cancer Australia says there are five common signs of breast cancer in men.

The first, most common sign is a painless lump in the breast close to the nipple…read the full story.


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