The only journey is within: A new exhibition on the cancer journey

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Modern medicine that is heavily dependent on technology may at times be perceived as detached from human suffering.  Art, on the other hand, connects people. Thus art and medicine have a complementary role to play.

Art can build a bridge to bring back the focus of medicine to the ‘whole’ person, in identifying patterns in hope, anguish, cure and care of common human predicaments. Art also helps us to understand individual differences in joy and sorrow.

Tata Medical Center Kolkata along with King’s College London will be hosting exhibitions in Kolkata and London on cancer-related migration and also the journey people go through internally.

The first exhibition titled ‘The only journey is one within’ is to be held in Tata Medical Center, Kolkata between 16-20 January 2019.

The Kolkata exhibition pays tribute to the journey taken by patients, family members, and medical staff during cancer treatment. The project also reveals various parts of the Tata Medical Centre that are not accessible to outsiders such as the operating theatre, laboratories, support staff and everyone else who contribute to the care of patients. None is less important than the other. We hope the project creates a bridge between science and art, technology and emotion, suffering and hope.

The exhibition was conceived by ecancer board member Soumitra S Datta, Consultant Psychiatrist at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata and Carlo Caduff, Kings College London

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