The Kids’ Cancer Project Launches ‘The Better Challenge’ Fundraiser Program

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Run, walk or roll 90kms this September

This July, The Kids’ Cancer Project is launching The Better Challenge, a community fundraising campaign targeting medical research for kinder childhood cancer treatments. With a focus on better care and better outcomes for cancer patients, The Better Challenge mechanic is also designed to ‘better’ the participant, encouraging active and outdoor activity. Supporters of The Better Challenge will sign up to run, walk or roll 90kms throughout September, backed by community fundraising.

In Australia, approximately 90 kids are diagnosed with cancer every month. The cancer treatments children receive can be toxic, leaving them with lasting health issues up to 90% of the time. The Kids’ Cancer Project is calling on Aussies to come on board to help create change for these kids.

With research the only way towards a cure, The Kids’ Cancer Project is committed to funding a breadth of scientists and research projects that investigate childhood cancer and treatment options. With the effects of treatment posing different developmental challenges to children, the need for bespoke cancer research for children remains imperative. The Better Challenge harnesses the passion Australians feel for helping kids with cancer in a way that feels active and tangible. It’s a fitness challenge. But Better.

CEO of The Kids Cancer Project and ex Wallabies player, Owen Finegan says, “Hitting the 90km mark in one month may sound like a lot – but it’s actually an attainable, beneficial (and even fun) challenge! To help supporters feel encouraged and appreciated during their journey in September, The Kids’ Cancer Project will continually communicate throughout the campaign to keep them engaged and informed.” Owen will be dusting off his shoes and taking on The Better Challenge this September to help kids with cancer. He’s committed to doing all he can and encourages Aussies to join him!

Led by The Kids’ Cancer Project, the fundraiser is designed around their three-step philosophy: Science, Solutions and Survival by fundraising for crucial research, creating a platform for supporters to engage, and spread the word to their community about The Kids’ Cancer Project. The number 90 has been selected to represent the 90 children diagnosed each month, but doesn’t need to be achieved solely in kilometre metrics. 90 could also represent time, for example 90 minutes of an activity. Or it could relate to a number or dollars, for example 90 star-jumps or $90 saved on coffee in the month.


Sign up directly through this link –
Donate directly to The Kids’ Cancer Project online or follow TKCP on social to stay up to date: @thekidscancerproject |


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