The Cancer Crowd Campaign Launched in Australia Today

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crowdfunding handsThe Oncology Network launched a crowdfunding campaign today to raise much needed funds for The Cancer Crowd.

If the campaign is successful, Australian oncology professionals and organisations will soon be able to launch their own crowdfunding campaigns on a world-first platform dedicated solely to cancer research, technology and support projects.

Crowdfunding and cancer aren’t two words that you see together very often – until now.

The Oncology Network, publishers of and The Oncology Newsletter, have today launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Cancer Crowd.

They hope to raise $25,000 needed to launch their own crowdfunding platform and promote oncology campaign ideas.

“We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from the oncology community. We floated the idea of a dedicated crowdfunding platform for oncology projects to our readers last year – the community responded very positively saying ‘yes, we need this platform!'” said Rachael Babin, Executive Officer at the Oncology Network.

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The Oncology Network have been working on development of the platform since then without funding support but now require a much needed funding boost to launch the platform and promote the projects they have already received.

“We’ve been receiving campaign ideas from many organisations and individuals for months now – almost everyone who works in the oncology speciality has an idea about how they can improve patient outcomes. This is everyone’s shared goal no matter what area you are involved in,” Rachael Babin commented.

“We all know it’s hard to attract traditional funding to large research projects but it’s also really difficult to attract lower levels of funding for smaller projects that could make a really big difference. This is why we are so committed to launching this site and why we’re asking for help at this final stage.”


The Projects

When The Cancer Crowd is launched anyone in Australia will be able to upload campaigns in the following categories:

  • Cancer Research
  • Cancer Technology
  • Cancer Community
  • Cancer Events
  • Cancer Education
  • Cancer Publishing

The Oncology Network has already received over 40 project proposals from individuals and organisation that are ready to launch their own campaigns when the platform is live, including Cancer Council Queensland, Oncology Massage Training, Radiation Oncology: Targeting Cancer and Cancer Council New South Wales.

Campaigns on The Cancer Crowd will be project based with clear goals and timelines, such as:

  • Investigate potential therapies for metastatic breast cancer
  • Teach rural GPs models of cancer care
  • Support initiatives for “at risk” children of adults with cancer
  • Developing smart phone apps to assist with patient care and monitoring
  • Publish information resource for laryngectomy patients
  • Deliver medical training programmes in developing nations
  • Symptom management studies
  • Provide gym equipment for patient exercise programmes
  • Install air-conditioning units in patient accommodation lodges
  • Develop accredited training course for massage therapists

“It’s a wonderful idea, we’re planning several campaigns for the site. I think amazing projects will be funded on The Cancer Crowd,” commented Vicki James, Community Relationships Manager at Cancer Council Queensland.


Crowdfunding crowdfunding

The Oncology Network are crowdfunding crowdfunding because it is a “win-win” solution according to Rachael Babin. “We saw it as an excellent opportunity to raise the funds we need to launch the platform, to engage the community in crowdfunding as a concept and raise awareness for The Cancer Crowd itself and ultimately, the fantastic projects that will be campaigning for funds there once we’ve launched.”


How you can help

You can pledge your support for The Cancer Crowd online at This campaign is being run on an ‘all or nothing’ basis which means no pledge funds will be transacted until the campaign target of $25,000 is reached so the Oncology Network are also asking backers to help spread the word about the campaign and share their video on social media.

“Reaching out fundraising goal will enable us to launch and offer free campaign postings to not-for-profit organisations which is our primary goal at the moment. The Australian oncology community need this platform and we are committed to providing it for them.” Rachael Babin said. Watch the video to learn more about this project and how you can help.


Be the change in cancer fundraising and help us deliver this unique fundraising platform for cancer projects:



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