Richie Benaud reveals he is undergoing radiation therapy for skin cancer

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Richie BenaudSource: ABC/AAP. Image: AAP: Jenny Evans.

Former Australian cricket captain Richie Benaud has revealed he is undergoing radiation therapy for skin cancer.

The highly regarded commentator made his illness public on Monday at the Nine Network’s launch for its summer cricket coverage.

Benaud, 84, is receiving treatment for skin cancers on his forehead and the top of his head.

“I’m coping with it very well – the doctors are pleased,” Benaud said at the SCG.

“I’m going along slowly. The cancers need to be treated.”

Benaud urged people to take precautions to protect themselves in the sun, but clearly has not lost his trademark wit and good nature despite the hardships.

“I recommend to everyone they wear protection on their heads. Eighty-four-year olds don’t seem to mend as well as they used to,” said Benaud.

“When I was a kid, we never ever wore a cap.

“That’s because Keith Miller never wore a cap. Arthur Morris did when he went out to bat.

“We follow various people and ‘Nugget’ Miller never wore anything on his head, so I didn’t.

“I wish I had. You live and learn as you go along.”

Benaud attended the launch with the Nine broadcast team including Bill Lawry, Ian Chappell, Mark Nicholas, Brett Lee and Shane Warne.

He has been away from his commentary role since crashing his car on the way home from a golf game 13 months ago.

Benaud’s injuries included two fractured verterbrae and as a result he did not call a single ball during the Ashes series against England last summer…read more.


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