Radiology Training in South Australia

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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) is concerned about reports that outpatient radiology services at the Royal Adelaide Hospital will be privatised.

RANZCR CEO, Ms Natalia Vukolova, said, “training our workforce is critical to our health system into the future.

“RANZCR is accredited by the Australian Medical Council to deliver the training program in radiology, including training site accreditation.

“The Royal Adelaide Hospital is an accredited training site of the radiology training program in South Australia.

“Any changes to service arrangements for accredited training sites must take into account the training implications into the future.

“For training sites to have full accreditation with RANZCR, sites must provide outpatient services.

“Therefore, any decisions regarding privatisation must consider the consequences for teaching and registrars.

“Investment in our health workforce is absolutely crucial and undermining of the radiology training program could have significant long term consequences.”

Source: RANZCR


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