AUDIO: Prof Roberto Orecchia: the hadron therapy revolution (Part 1)

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Hadron therapy represents an important innovation in the fight against cancer. Its ability to deposit much of its radiation directly at the site of a tumor reducing damage to surrounding healthy tissues has made it advantageous for treatment of localised cancers.

The National Centre of Oncology Hadron Therapy(CNAO) in Italy is one of the leading research organisations in the world treating hundreds of patients with high risk cancers per year. To talk about the work of CNAO and the opportunities hadron therapy offers, ANSTO hosted two of the centre’s leading scientists Professors Roberto Orecchia and Sandro Rossi.

Divided into two parts, in this first episode Professor Orecchia gives a general overview of hadron therapy around the world and the clinical activities CNAO are currently doing in Italy.

The talk starts with Roberto what hadron therapy is…

Listen to part 2 of this presentation here:

You can also download a copy of the presentation he gave at ANSTO here:


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