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Oncology Network Australia are proud to announce the launch of our dedicated oncology crowdfunding site – oncologycrowd.com.au.

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We are currently putting the finishing touches to our new Crowdfunding website, here is some info and if you have a project that you think would be suitable you will find an enquiry form here…

What is crowdfunding?

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Crowdfunding helps people raise funds for projects from a wide range of people, usually through the internet, eliminating the need to secure a select number of sponsors contributing large amounts. By uploading descriptions of their projects, usually accompanied by videos, users pitch for a specified sum from a broad base of supporters. The hope is every person who sees your pitch will pledge to support your project. Usually supporters agree to pledge a specified amount in support of a project – once a project’s target figure is hit, the transactions are completed and projects receive vital funds. Supporters receive something in return – either a tangible product as a result of funding the project (musicians seeking funding usually offer supporters a copy of the music the funding helped create) or simply just the satisfaction that you’ve helped a project you believe in become reality. Web administrators typically deduct 3-5% of the total revenue raised in exchange for hosting the digital platform that raised the funds.

Isn’t crowdfunding just for bands and short film makers?

The quick answer is of course no! We’ve all heard of arts projects raising funds from crowdfunding sites like kickstarter.com however the crowd funding platform is perfect for researchers and non for profits to raise funds too! With more and more talented researchers in the pool and limited university and institution funded grants, the general public can help fill funding gaps. There are few crowdfunding sites dedicated to scientific research and even less to oncology which is surprising considering the number of consumers that are passionate about improving patient outcomes. Crowdfunding also resolves administrative problems for societies and small non-for-profits that are not registered charities and have limited time and resources to expend on engaging new sponsors. For medical researchers crowd funding also offers an opportunity to fund projects without pharmaceutical company support, eliminating potential conflicts of interest, logo endorsements or the presence of reps at events.

COMING SOON – oncologycrowd.com.au

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Oncology Network Australia is committed to providing communication, education and collaboration tools for oncology professionals by utilising digital technologies. A key part of our strategy to achieve this is to offer Australia’s first dedicated crowd funding site for cancer projects. We invite researchers, project coordinators, event organisers, practitioners, charities, societies, consumers and any other brainboxes out there with great project proposals to upload their projects to oncologycrowd.com.au. We’ll use our Network – including our very popular oncologynews.com.au e-news bulletins – and our digital marketing know-how to plug your project far and wide. All you’ll need to do is create a profile, upload a description, image and a short video explainer and then sit back and hopefully watch the dollars roll in! Once you’ve reached your target the funds will automatically be transferred to you, via the super safe paypal payment gateway. Because the site is new and we’re building traffic as we go, we won’t even deduct an admin fee. And rest assured each project will be carefully vetted for suitability – no snake oil salesmen will get past our beady eyes!

The nitty-gritty

In all seriousness, oncologycrowd.com.au will present your project proposal in a professional, dynamic and engaging way. We want to help make your projects a reality and help those working in the oncology arena do what they do best – improve patient outcomes – without having to pitch your wares here, there and everywhere.  It is our intention to keep this site a free site and service – obviously any associated costs such as credit card fees or fees associated with a payment gateway will have to be deducted from any amount raised.

You bring the idea and the expertise and we’ll use our digital communication and marketing skills to engage the people who will make your project happen – everyone!

Click here to express your interest today and we’ll keep you posted…


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