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ONA letters logoWelcome to the Oncology Network Australia!

We are a small group of academic publishing, media and digital professionals building services and content for the medical publishing industry. We aim to bring you quality, appropriate and independent aggregated news and commentary alongside our publishing and recruitment resources. We’ve already launched our Oncology News service OncologyNews.com.au and our jobsite OncologyJobs.com.au! The final part of our Digital Portal is our Network site – OncologyNetwork.com.au – a unique publishing and blogging platform. We also hope to offer directory listing services for the Australian Oncology Profession as well as tailored digital resources.  Exciting stuff!

We know you’ve probably got questions about these offerings so we’d like to take the opportunity to address those now.

Editorial policy for OncologyNews.com.au: As we are an aggregated news service that brings together today’s news from multiple trusted sources (see below), we do not have an Editorial board. The ONA news team search the web each day to bring you the very best and latest Oncology news from Australia and beyond. We do our best to present high quality and appropriate content from academic and mainstream sources such as:

The Herald SunThe Guardian AU and UKASCOThe AustralianThe West AustralianCancer Research UKThe ABC,  The BBCWired Scienceecancer.orgAdelaide NowJournal of Clinical OncologyThe SMHConquer Cancer FoundationThe Telegraph UKNew England Journal of MedicineThe Conversation and much, much more!

We also publish expert commentary on the news of the day from Australia’s leading Oncology professionals with the aim of giving important news and facts an Australian interpretation. If you’re interested in providing commentary pieces such as this for our news site, drop us an email as we’d love to chat.

Affiliations: We are not aligned to any Association, Society, Agency or Corporate entity. However we are keen to develop partnerships with academic publishing houses and appropriate service providers to further the development of our Network resource.

Funding and revenue: We aim to become Australia’s premier Digital Publishing Resource for today’s medical professional. The ONA is entirely self-funded however we’ve got to keep the lights on so you will start to see limited, appropriate and carefully considered advertising on the news site. Funding gained from advertisements on our jobsite OncologyJobs.com.au will also enable us to keep developing our online Portal to deliver the very best digital resources to you. If you like the sound of this, we ask for your support by visiting our jobsite if you’re looking for a new role and by advertising any vacant positions you have with us too! You’ll find we are extremely competitive and our jobsite has some fantastic features that you won’t find on other dedicated Oncology jobs pages.

Why? Like most people these days, the team behind the ONA have been touched by cancer and are proud to support scientific advances that will improve patient outcomes. We know how hard Oncology Professionals work and how time-poor you are.  What can we do to help? Well we’re not scientists or physicians so we’re not curing anyone but we are digital and communications specialists. We hope to use our skills to support you by providing all the news you need in one innovative and easy-to-use place, as well as blogging and networking opportunities to advance our shared goals.

More? We will be offering regular ONA e-news updates delivering a fine synopsis of national and international news stories as well as some exciting job opportunities! We will always strive to include appropriate, tailored content, we won’t bombard your inbox and the service is free so what are you waiting for? Subscribe here. If you want daily updates too, follow us on Twitter for breaking news and like us on Facebook to get a conversation started. Finally, look out for our Oncology News App, coming soon!

Other services: We do web and we do it well. Need a new website, social media strategy or marketing collateral? If you’re looking to professionally present your services or promote your clinic online, get in touch with the team at Revolution Press. Our partners in digital awesomeness, their web team will offer you a reduced rate if you mention you’re an ONA user or a non-for-profit organisation!

The finer details? You can read more about our exciting plans here.


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ONA Editor

The ONA Editor curates oncology news, views and reviews from Australia and around the world for our readers. In aggregated content, original sources will be acknowledged in the article footer.

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