Medical groups push to make marijuana legal

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Medical MJDOCTORS, medical researchers and cancer advocacy groups want the state government to legalise the use of medical marijuana, saying it is an effective treatment for pain including the side effects of chemotherapy.

In submissions to a NSW upper house inquiry into the issue, the Australian Medical Association, the Cancer Council NSW and the Australian Drug Foundation have all supported the use of medical marijuana in certain circumstances.

The inquiry will conduct its first hearings this week.

Cancer Voices is pushing for change. ”It is time for a sensible debate about this,” Cancer Voices NSW chairwoman Sally Crossing said. ”This is not a political or religious issue; it is about being kind to people in a difficult situation, who are in a lot of pain and discomfort.”

Tony Bower, also presenting to the inquiry on Monday, makes therapeutic cannabis tincture – a medicine derived from marijuana – on his property in Kempsey, north of Port Macquarie.

He started out more than a decade ago supplying cannabis to go into hash cookies to a ”comfort group” in Nimbin. ”A lot of elders like the cookies because it gets rid of the pain but it gives them the giggles and they don’t like that,” he said.

”So I buggered around with things and learnt what I could until I got something that was easier for people to use and was non-psychoactive.”

He now supplies to hundreds of people around Australia, most referred by their doctors…Read more 


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