The Oncology Podcast: How Can We Prevent Bone Mets? Intravital Imaging Could be the Key with Dr Michelle McDonald




In today’s edition of The Oncology Podcast, Rachael Babin talks to Dr Michelle McDonald from the Garvan Institute about her research on bone metastasis and intravital imaging.

Dr Michelle McDonald

Dr Michelle McDonald is Group Leader of the Bone Microenvironment Group at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Her research career spans over 18 years, attaining her PhD in 2008. Her current research team aims to develop new strategies to target cells of the bone environment to prevent tumour growth both within bone and spreading from bone to other sites.

Using a specialised live animal imaging technique, Michelle visualises interactions between single tumour cells and bone cells, investigating how these interactions control the growth and behaviour of tumour cells in bone. Her work has recently attracted a number of competitive grants and spans collaborations with academic and industry partners internationally.

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With thanks to Dr Michelle McDonald, Mark Evans from Cancer Council NSW and Graham Knowles.

For more information on the Garvan Institute visit their website.

For more information on Franklin Women visit their website.


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