Funding the cure for cancer

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Col Reynolds

Source: ABC – Nathalie Fernbach with Paula Tapiolas. Photo: Nathalie Fernbach.

ABC Australian Story – watch the update online

Col Reynolds remains committed to supporting the scientists who search for a cure for childhood cancer.

A retired tour bus driver, Mr Reynolds started the Kids’ Cancer Project charity 25 years ago and has helped raise more $15 million for research into children’s cancer.

That research has borne fruit with the development of the compound TR100 which attacks the structure of cancer cells by targeting the tropomyosin protein.

The compound was discovered by Professor Peter Gunning, a researcher who Mr Reynolds has been supporting for decades.

“All scientists throughout the world said it was impossible, it could never be done, it was just a waste of time so he was on his own,” says Mr Reynolds of his colleague.

“And what he has done he has developed… TR100 and it knocks the pants out of cancer no matter whether it is in a child or an adult, it doesn’t matter where it is in your body it does it very quickly and thoroughly and it destroys it.

“It makes the cancer cell eat itself,” he said.

The drug is currently being trialled on animals, human trials will start in 2015.

Mr Reynolds and the Kids’ Cancer Project are now working to raise $2 million to have TR100 trialled in Australia.

“I want to be the founder of a charity who can one day tell all parents of children who died of cancer, we have a cure, I kept my promise,” he said.

Mr Reynolds has been featured on the ABC1 program Australian Story and will return to the program on Monday March 3 with updates on the work he and Professor Peter Gunning have been doing in their search for a cure for cancer.


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