Former premier Nick Greiner has male mastectomy after cancer diagnosis

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Nick Greiner. Photo: Peter Braig

Source: SMH – Jill Margo. Photo: Peter Braig

Former NSW premier Nick Greiner has undergone an extremely rare operation for a man, having his left breast removed after being diagnosed with cancer.

Mr Greiner had the mastectomy earlier this month and has since received a clean bill of health.

Breast cancer is rare in men, with only about 125 cases diagnosed in Australia each year.

“I think it helped by telling my family and, when I knew I was going to have surgery, telling others,” Mr Greiner told the Australian Financial Review.

“Someone commented that ‘Nick Greiner and breast cancer don’t belong in the same sentence’.”

In May last year, Mr Greiner noticed a tiny red dot on his shirt and ignored it. When it reappeared a couple of months later, he decided to have it checked.

His doctor said it could be “topical” and gave him some cream but also that – to check it properly – Mr Greiner should have a mammogram as a bleeding nipple can be an ominous sign.

Feeling no pain or discomfort, and never having encountered a man with breast cancer, Mr Greiner did not act. He also had no family history of breast cancer.

Early this year Mr Greiner changed his mind and had a mammogram. It revealed a blocked duct and he was sent for a biopsy.

He was diagnosed with cancer and surgery was arranged. By now he could feel the lump under his left nipple and told his family.

Mr Greiner, who was premier from 1988 to 1992, sits on several boards and decided to tell his board colleagues about it…read the full story.


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