Everything you wanted to know about cancer diets

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vegan diet concept_oncology news australiaThe Guardian – Naomi Elster.

The internet is awash with people claiming that ‘miracle diets’ can prevent or cure cancer. But beware – taking the wrong advice can be disastrous, say experts.

While there is no magic diet that will cure or prevent cancer, intervention in a patient’s diet will help them maintain an acceptable quality of life – as long as that intervention comes from a medically qualified professional with no vested interests. Which brings us to the case of Australian blogger Belle Gibson, who is facing legal action for “unconscionable conduct” after promoting a book in which she talked of curing herself of multiple cancers by eating the right things. The publisher, Penguin, paid more than $264,000 (£160,000) for the book and Gibson also made more than $420,000 from app sales before it emerged that she had never had cancer. Her claims to have donated over $300,000 to charities also turned out to be false.

In contrast, a recipe book for cancer patients experiencing weight loss from University College, Cork, and one for patients with swallowing difficulties from Breakthrough Cancer Research have been developed by dieticians and are available free of charge…read the full story.


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