Cancer taskforce tells NHS: get up to date and save 30,000 lives a year

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hospital corridor blue blur_oncology news australiaOutdated treatment, uncertain funding and failure to battle big causes of cancer – with one in five people still smoking – blamed for unnecessary suffering in the UK.

A new cancer strategy involving a “radical” shake-up in public health prevention and the upgrading of outdated equipment could save 30,000 lives a year, according to its proponents.

A report by the Independent Cancer Taskforce has suggested six “strategic priorities” for the NHS to make “substantial improvements” in cancer care in England at a time when cancer cases are rising.

It said 280,000 people were diagnosed with cancer in England in 2013/14 and this was expected to reach more than 300,000 by 2020, and more than 360,000 by 2030.

One in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lives.

The taskforce, which was set up by NHS England in January to develop the next cancer strategy, said that with survival rates also increasing each year more and more people were living with cancer.

The report sets out proposals for how patient experience can be transformed both during and after treatment at a time when NHS cancer services are under unprecedented pressure.

With more than four in 10 cases of cancer caused by aspects of people’s lifestyles that they have the ability to change, the report said the figures showing that nearly one in five adults still smokes and a third drink too much alcohol were “stark”…read more.
[hr] Source: The Guardian/Associated Press


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