Blood test hope for cancer patients

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Source: The Herald Sun – LUCIE VAN DEN BERG

Blood Tests 2MELBOURNE researchers are developing a blood test that could spare thousands of cancer patients chemotherapy.

The blood test would reveal the chance of bowel cancer coming back after surgery, and it could be used to monitor other tumour types in the future.

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute researcher Jeanne Tie said there was a chance that cancer would return in some patients, even after surgery to remove the cancer.

“The problem is we don’t know which patient we should be giving the chemotherapy to improve the chance of a cure, because we don’t have a reliable test to show who still has cancer cells left behind,” Dr Tie said.

“If you treat 100 patients, up to 15 will benefit (from chemotherapy) and the rest will have unnecessary and potentially toxic treatment for no reason.”

About 400 patients from 14 hospitals, including the Royal Melbourne, Western, Eastern Health, The Alfred, Austin, Cabrini, Barwon Health and Border Medical Oncology are examining the blood test’s effectiveness….READ FULL ARTICLE

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