Belle Gibson US book launch for The Whole Pantry cancelled after concerns she faked cancer

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Belle Gibson PenquinBy Beau Donelly and Nick Toscano – SMH.

Belle Gibson’s overseas book launch has been officially scrapped amid concerns the Melbourne author faked having cancer and withheld thousands of dollars in charitable donations.

Atria Books, an imprint of publishing giant Simon & Schuster, has told Fairfax Media it is immediately dumping its deal with Ms Gibson and will scuttle all existing orders for The Whole Pantry.

The popular cook book was due to be released in US book stores next month.

“Our decision was made upon the failure of the author to provide clarification for numerous allegations concerning her biography and charitable endeavours,” Atria Books publicity director Paul Olsewski said.

“Orders currently in our system will be cancelled.”

The termination of the social media entrepreneur’s US book deal came just hours after publisher Penguin revealed it will also pull The Whole Pantry from circulation in Australia.

Penguin has previously admitted never fact-checking Ms Gibson’s story, which claims healthy eating and natural therapies helped her treat multiple terminal cancers.

The 23-year-old launched her cook book and smart-phone app off the story of healing herself from brain cancer, but now says she may have been misdiagnosed. Close friends told Fairfax they did not believe Ms Gibson’s diagnoses and medical experts say they find her story of multiple cancers implausible…read more.

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