BCI develops strategies to demystify breast cancer

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BREAST Care International (BCI), a breast cancer awareness NGO, has initiated a number of strategies to demystify breast cancer and encourage women to undertake regular self and clinical breast examination as well as seek early treatment in Ghana.

Among them is the formation of Breast Cancer Survivors Association (BCSA), which seeks to bring together women who have survived the disease to serve as role models, tell their stories to encourage and motivate other women who have been diagnosed of the disease to continue with the treatment.

A training programme has also been introduced for some selected general nurses across the country to professionally equip them both in theory and practice in modern management of breast cancer and other cancers in their health institutions.

Since Ghana has no specialized oncology nursing school to train students, it is anticipated that the participants would be able to better educate members in their communities on the prevention of some types of cancers, self detection of some cancers, importance of early detection and how and when to refer suspected cases to the appropriate institutions…Read more

Source: www.ghanaweb.com/


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