ANZUP Trial’s TheraP and UNISoN reach recruitment

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By Nicole Tankard, ANZUP

ANZUP, the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate cancer trials group, has seen a couple of significant trials reach recruitment during September – TheraP, a new treatment for advanced prostate cancer using Lutetium-177 PSMA radionuclide therapy (Lu-PSMA). Also UNISoN, which will test whether new immune treatments can help people with rare kidney cancer (‘non-clear cell’ cancer).

On Tuesday 10 September the last patient (number 200) was randomised to ANZUP’s TheraP trial, five months earlier than expected.

Our Study Chair Prof. Michael Hofman, led this important prostate cancer study. ANZUP are proud to be at the cutting edge of research and we look forward to sharing the results.

TheraP is a truly collaborative effort – being a partnership between ANZUP and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) with funding and support from the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO), Endocyte, It’s a Bloke Thing, Movember and CAN4CANCER. The study is an investigator initiated collaborative group study led by ANZUP in collaboration with the NHMRC CTC.

A week later, on Thursday 19 September, the final patient was recruited to our UNISoN trial, nine months ahead of the planned recruitment timeline.

A/Prof Craig Gedye, our Study Chair, and all the investigators and dedicated trial staff across Australia have done an amazing job to get the trial to this point.

The study is in two parts, testing the effectiveness of combination immunotherapy in patients failed by PD1 immunotherapy alone.

ANZUP looks forward to sharing further updates on this important kidney cancer study, and are very proud of everyone who helped us get to this point, including our supporters BMS, and the team at the Centre for Biostatistics and Clinical Trials (BaCT).

We are grateful to all the investigators, trial coordinators and patients and their families for their participation.

Source: ANZUP. You can read more about ANZUP’s trials here –




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