ANZGOG ASM Review by Alison Evans

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ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meeting 2015Contemporary Management of Gynaecological Cancer was the focus of the ANZ Gynaecological Oncology Group’s (ANZGOG) Annual Scientific Meeting 2015, held on 25 – 28 March on the Gold Coast.

Over 170 medical oncologists, gynaecological oncologists, radiation oncologists, cancer researchers, study coordinators, nurses and consumers came together from across Australia and New Zealand to consider the current trends in research and treatment of gynaecological cancers.

International keynote speakers, Dr Keiichi Fujiwara, Gynaecological Oncologist from Japan’s Saitama Medical University and Professor Charley Gourley, Medical Oncologist from Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre gave well received presentations on ‘surgery and intraperitoneal chemotherapy’ and ‘patient selection for chemotherapy and anti-angiogenic drugs‘ focusing on the management of ovarian cancer.

Leading medical, gynaecological and radiation oncologists from Australia and New Zealand also steered a stimulating and insightful discussion highlighting contemporary management of Endometrial Cancer through radiotherapy, chemotherapy, open surgery, minimal invasive surgery and sentinal node detection.

Other scientific sessions included ‘Survivorship and Genetics’ and ‘Bench meets Bedside’ where the experience and knowledge from the panel of experts led to much discussion and debate on managing survivorship issues faced by patients and their families, stratifying patients through genetic profiling, discerning who needs a Molecular MDT and translating pre-clinical findings into the clinic.

A highlight of this year’s meeting was the inaugural Pure Science Symposium, held as part of the conference and was organised by Associate Professor Clare Scott and Dr Pam Pollock. Translation of Molecular targets was the theme.

ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meeting 2015

Prof Martin Stockler, NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre

The ANZGOG ASM is also the platform to engage, support and educate the study coordinators, nurses and consumers involved with ANZGOG research and activities.  During the conference, there were specialised workshops organised to promote the professional development, training and skills of these groups. These included Good Clinical Practice training and certification, Concept Development for both clinicians and for consumers, the nurses role in Survivorship Management and a Process Mapping workshop.

Every year, at the ANZGOG Scientific Meeting, researchers are encouraged to submit their clinical trial concepts for review by the ANZGOG Research Advisory Committee for consideration as future ANZGOG trials.  Fifteen (15) new trial concepts were submitted and 11 concepts presented at the conference.  There were also 15 ‘free Abstracts’ that were shared at the meeting.

This year’s conference had an overall celebratory atmosphere as ANZGOG marked 15 years of achievement.  Dr Alison Brand, Chair of ANZGOG was pleased to advise members of ANZGOG’s successes since 2000 including $14 million worth of research grants, 19 clinical trials, over 3000 patients recruited and a membership of 650 multidisciplinary members. 

The next ANZGOG Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in Sydney from 13-16 April 2016.  The convenor of the conference is Associate Professor Peter Sykes from New Zealand.


Alison Evans is the Executive Officer of ANZGOG. Visit the ANZGOG website.


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