A new age of cancer classification and treatment

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Source: Cancer Research UK

What exactly is cancer?Oncology News Australia - A new age of cancer classification and treatment

The simple answer is that cancer is a disease caused by normal cells changing so that they grow in an uncontrolled way. The uncontrolled growth can cause a lump called a tumour to form, or rogue immune cells to build up in the blood.

By this definition, cancer is an incremental process during which healthy cells turn bad rather than a ‘thing’ that arrives fully fledged. But to a patient, cancer is very much a thing. Something affecting their health and their body, and something they want to be rid of.

We’re also all familiar with the language used to describe cancer – breast cancer, brain tumour, lung cancer, and many more. Now though, slowly but surely, researchers are chipping away at the traditional organ-based definition of tumours and dramatically changing our view of how cancer should be diagnosed and treated.

A huge US-led project involving over 250 scientists from across the globe recently released a series of scientific publications that typify this shift.

In this post, we look at how the key findings of the studies fit into the wider picture of cancer research and the work of our own scientists. Finally, and most importantly, we look at what this means for how patients could be treated in the future…. Read Full Article on Cancer Research UK’s Science Blog


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